Our virtual tools

At SIS we encourage students and teachers to use the following:

Digital Learning Portfolios

Primary School students have their own personal Seesaw accounts to document and reflect on their learning. Classroom teachers will share the individual access codes with parents at the start of the school year. Please view your child's site regularly. Your feedback is very motivating for them. Additionally, each teacher has a class site to boost classroom transparency that you can find in the Share Center.

Online Classrooms

Middle and High School classrooms use Microsoft Teams to manage their classrooms online. Teams allows for class collaboration, communication and for assigning and collecting student work. The class OneNote notebook is a common way for teachers to provide online resources and provide a space for students to complete their work.


Our Learning Spaces

At SIS we leverage a variety of physical and virtual spaces to support the learning needs of students. You can see an overview of our flexible spaces above and get more insight into virtual tools below.