Devices @ SIS

At SIS, we have two separate 1:1 programs to support student learning. Grades 4 through 8 are supported by a 1:1 iPad program and have access to shared MacBooks when needed. Grades 9 through 12 participate in a 1:1 Macbook program.

iPad Learning Program [4-8]

MacBook Learning Program [9-12]

Safe and effective use of devices

At SIS, we believe in developing safe and responsible learners who can adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape. Our learning community is made up of students, teachers, support staff and parents. We firmly believe that both school and home play an equal role in ensuring children have safe and positive experiences online. While on campus students are supported through the THINK program Please review and understanding the following expectations for home and school.

Responsible Use Agreement

General guidelines for device usage

Questions for developing expectations @ Home

Device use over the breaks

Apple IDs

Students in grades 4 - 12 need their own Apple ID. iPads and MacBooks come with most of the software students need to complete their school work but at times it is necessary to download Apps from Apple's App Store. For this, student's need their own Apple ID.

If your child does not have an Apple ID please follow the link to the Apple ID website and create one for him/her. Later you will need to link this Apple ID to Apple's App store to download apps.

Please note that the Apple App store often requires the account to be linked to a credit card. Therefore, please ensure that the address used to create the Apple ID is in the same country as the billing address of the credit card you will use with the account.

Please note that SIS limits software purchases to a maximum of 50 USD each year.

Family Sharing is Apple's way of allowing purchased App Store apps, music and books to be used by up to six family members. It takes a bit of work to set Family Sharing up initially but once done, it can be useful. We encourage you to follow the link to Apple's information about Family Sharing to see if it's a good option for your family.

Finally, the Learning Innovation Team will offer parent sessions at the start of each semester for those parents needing help to set up Apple ID's for their children.

iPad and MacBook Apps

Most software comes preinstalled on student iPads and MacBooks. There are times that teachers ask students to purchase additional software. SIS limits software purchases to a maximum of 50 USD per school year.