Our virtual tools

At SIS we encourage students and teachers to use the following:

Digital Learning Portfolios

Every student from grade K through 12 has their own personal site to document and reflect on learning. Please ask your child for the address and check in regularly. Every teacher also has a site to boost classroom transparency that you can find in the Share Center as well.

Online Classrooms

Edmodo is a common way for teachers to manage their classrooms online. You can follow your child's progress by creating a parent account and entering the parent code. See Edmodo's Help Center.

Teacher Feedback

Many of our secondary teachers use Moxtra as means to deliver, share timely feedback. The shared binder between student and teacher allows for a constant feedback loop in real time, making the reflective process instantly gratifying.

Note-taking and personal productivity

Students and teachers use Evernote as productivity tool to create, store, and organize notes and notebooks. Most of the process of learning is produced in Evernote and later then published on the student's share site.

Our Learning Spaces

At SIS we leverage a variety of physical and virtual spaces to support the learning needs of students. You can see an overview of our flexible spaces above and get more insight into virtual tools below.